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2018 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest - Georgia 4-H

2017 4-H Honey Bee Essay Contest for Virginia

Projects Completed
If you completed a project (with a minimum of 6 hours of project instruction), count it here!

You must have an average attendance of 80% across all projects in order to earn star ranks
Food Preservation
Leadership Development
47 44 58
Here's an example!
14 5 19
Project skill activities are the way you showcase what you've learned in projects!
Here's what you can count:
Judged Exhibits, like Showmanship, Fashion Review, and County Fairs
Non-Judged Exhibits, like displays and boards for 4-H events
Knowledge Contests
Ex: Horse Bowl, Avian Bowl, Horticulture Contest
Judging Contest
Anytime you had to judge with other members using a set of standards
Ex: Livestock Judging, Judging Contest

You may NOT participate as a 4-H member or count 4-H participation in jackpot or prospector shows!
Events Attended
And here's what the form will look like...
How about another example?
4/18/13 1.5 C Four-H County Fair: 3 rabbits San Mateo, CA
5/1/13 2 M Poultry Show Senior Showmanship Stockton, CA
5/18/13 3 L Best 4-H Club Horse Bowl Belmont, CA
6/7/13 1 S State Qualifier for Avian Bowl Ventura, CA
This category is for recording any and all 4-H events that are NOT regular club or project meetings!

Examples include but are certainly not limited to:
Club Holiday Dinner
County Presentation Day
State Field Day
Achievement Night
California Focus
State Leadership Conference
"My 4-H Story" is a reflective essay about your experiences in 4-H, focusing on the current year.
1/2/13 2 L Best 4-H Club Holiday Dinner Belmont, CA
9/4/12 3 C Four-H County Achievement Night San Mateo, CA
7/25/13 40 S State Leadership Conference UC Davis
36 12 48
Leadership Development
This category is for recording all of your leadership roles and activities!

4h Essay - What Can I Do My Reflective Essay On

The "4-H Difference" Essay Contest Winner

3. Essays will be judged on (a) scope of research – 40%; (b) accuracy – 30%; (c) creativity – 10%; (d) conciseness – 10%; and (e) logical development of the topic – 10%.

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2018 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest
Announcement and Rules

Each year, Georgia 4-H and the University of Georgia's Entomology Department organize the 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest. This contest is a national competition offered by the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc. The University of Georgia's Entomology Department will determine the top three essays in Georgia and send the first ranked winner on to compete on the national level, competing against states across the nation. The national winner will be announced by the end of the first week in May.

When I wrote my college essay on 4H, ..

Tennessee 4-H Youth Development ..

Each year, Nuffield Canada grants limited scholarships to a few applicants who are Canadian Citizens between 25 and 45 and who already work in agriculture. This group includes farmers, foresters, growers, farm managers and anyone with an influence in these fields. Selected applicants are those the Selection Committee feel will be able to contribute and innovate within their respective fields upon their return to Canada.

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For the 2017 essay contest, the topic is: “How can MP3 (Managed Pollinator Protection Plan) more effectively protect honey bees from pesticide exposure?”

Oklahoma State 4-H — 4-H Youth Development

What sections?
Section 1
Title Page
Table of Contents
Section 2
Personal Development Report (PDR)
Section 3
My 4-H Story
Section 4
Project Reports (APR)
Expression Pages
Junior and Teen Leadership Development Reports (JTLDR)
Section 5
Collection of 4-H Work
Section 6
Previous Years' Records
A Complete 4-H Record Book!
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5

Title Page
Section 1
Get creative!

4-H Program Leader and Associate Program Leader: Dr

Once as a project, and once in this category
Served as a Judge
Serving as a judge for a 4-H activity or contest
2012-13 25 L Belmont 4-H Club President Belmont, CA
2012-13 40 C San Mateo County All-Star San Mateo, CA
2012-13 100 M CAL Conference Co-Chair NC Section, CA
2012-13 150 S California 4-H State Ambassador California, USA
5/7/13 20 C Planned Countywide Conference San Mateo, CA
Citizenship & Community Service
This category is where you can keep track of all citizenship, community service, and service learning activities.

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Here are the types of activities you may count:

Fundraising Activities for Citizenship/Community Service
Community Service Project
Service Learning Project
Citizenship Activities
These fall under one of the following 4 focus areas if planned and approved:
Civic Engagement
Civic Education
Personal Development
4/22/13 4 C Countywide Earth Day Beach Clean-up Pacifica, CA
5/3/13 3 L Spring Senior Visit Belmont, CA
6/12/13 8 C Protect the Wetlands -- Fair Exhibit San Mateo, CA

4/16/13 3 I Donated Blood UC Davis
Communication Skills
This category records communication activities undertaken by the 4-H member.

4-H Presentations
Each presentation must be before a new audience at a new event; repeats do not count for two credits
Prepared Talks
Any planned information or education report not including officer or committee reports
Radio and Television Appearances
Member must be actively representing 4-H before a radio or TV audience
Newspaper Articles
Report the number of original works written BY the member
Representing 4-H
Wherever you represent 4-H while communicating with school or community audiences
On-Line Communication
Created a 4-H website, moderated email list, created social networking page
1/22/13 1 C Prepared Skit about Presentation Day Belmont, CA
3/14/13 1 L Wrote Pi Day article for Club Newsletter Belmont, CA
5/12/13 2 I Improv Troupe Performance Carlmont HS
Honors and Recognition
This section is for recording the significant awards you earn!

Examples include:
Star ranks, 100% Attendance, Emerald Star, Presentation Day Gold Medals, Record Book Awards, Project Proficiency, County All-Star, State Ambassador, Golden Clover, Diamond Clover
In Danish competition, the top placement may be counted ("Gold")
In American competition, the 1st place of a division and 1st place overall may be counted (1st place Senior Showmanship, Best of Show)
2012-13 190 S California 4-H YDP State Ambassador California, USA
May 2011 1 C Earned a Platinum Star Belmont 4-H
June 2011 2 C Senior Poultry Showmanship - 1st Place San Mateo Fair
March 2012 N/A I Math Student of the Month Carlmont HS
Lifestyle Activities
Now, including 4-H and non-4-H activities, tell us what you do!

Report participation in organized groups like camps, school sports, theater, employment, church, or other organizations

Each organization/group/activity/sport counts as one credit per year

Jackpot shows may not be counted since they have components of gambling and are not consistent with 4-H policy
2012-2013 180 L High School Symphony Orchestra Carlmont HS
2012-2013 30 I Chemistry Tutor Carlmont HS
May 2013 25 L Actress in School Play Carlmont HS
March 2013 40 L Club Soccer Team Belmont, CA
In order to achieve any star ranking, you must attend at least 80% of both club and project meetings.

You may have noticed the totals in each categories.