His talent as a demagogue served him well in those years.

It was an irrational excuse, given the military's domination, but it became a popular myth.

This resulted in a very weak post-war democratic regime in Germany.

With all the power of great, long-term, political, social, economical and cultural forces that shape human history, historians are awed by the great role of key individuals, the ability of the right person at the right time and place to deeply affect the direction of history.

This essay lists the national leaders of the countries which participated in World War 2.

In May 1932 his electorate doubled to 37% .

The peace treaty compensation was blamed for it, but the real reason was that Germany's long time costly militarism that was previously paid for by the fruits of victories, had no victory now to pay its huge national debt, and the government ignored good economical advice that came from top foreign experts.

Prussia, in eastern Germany, with Berlin its capital city, was one of these many countries.

It was basically the policy of the previous totalitarian militarist regime, with a big dose of added anti-semitism, and like the communists, it addressed the wide public of workers and ex-soldiers.

Some of these leaders were clearly the aggressors, while others led the war against aggression.

He gradually took more ministerial roles, and in Feb.

But all that was ignored and Europe's leaders and diplomats were willing to accept Hitler's deception which time and again claimed that he was making one last justified demand and even willing to make reasonable concessions about it.

The next morning they took control of the police.

He clearly warned the world of his intentions, both in the book he wrote in 1923, which sold many millions of copies since he became the leader of Germany, and in his many speeches and direct diplomatic threats in all the years since.

1944 also made himself the commander in chief, like Adolf Hitler did.

Edvard Benes was the elected president of Czechoslovakia between 1935 and October 1938 when he resigned when the appeasement policy of his French and British allies led them to support Hitler's demand to annex parts of Czechoslovakia.

When he realized that Japan was going to lose the war he resigned.

The British and French leaders and their military, diplomatic, and intelligence advisors should all have known or at least suspect that this was not so, and act accordingly.

They replaced many senior police officers with Nazis.

It cost the lives of nearly 3 millions Polish jews and millions of Christian Poles, destroyed the country, and deliberately caused tremendous human suffering.

They expanded the secret police with Nazi officers.

The British government finally opened its eyes to the frightening reality in march 1939, when less than six months after Hitler was given part of its ally Czechoslovakia, Hitler swallowed the rest of Czechoslovakia with a threat of immediate invasion to it, and just three days later clearly marked his next target, Poland.