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Participating in community service activities as a high school student can be highly beneficial, and not just in acing a college interview. Students who get involved can expect to reap many benefits from their extracurricular work, than those who don't.

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Merit scholarships are often related to academic performance, but can also be given to a candidate displaying exceptional artistic or athletic success and skill, or even a combination of both.

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Whether you are a member of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy, there are a number of college scholarships and grants available for service members, veterans and their families.

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Being a first-year college student is hard, especially if you're moving away from home. You have to adjust to being away from your friends and family, a new course and work load, living with people you don't really know, being independent, and making new friends. It's a lot. Wanting to transfer is very common for a first-year student to look into, but it's a good thing to know how many people actually go through with it at each college you are looking at. It's a good indicator of whether or not people like their school.

New Hampshire Mensa MERF Scholarship Essay Contest

If you live close enough to your top colleges to make this an option, definitely do it. The only college I stayed overnight at ended up being one I found I was very happy not to attend. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions, eat in the dining halls, check out what dorm life is like, get a feel for the class sizes and academics at the college, and connect with current and perhaps other prospective students.

The 2009~2010 NH winners of chapter scholarships are:

Not every student is fated to find wild success in the world of academia; however, there are plenty of scholarships for students who will succeed in the real world.

The 2009~2010 NH winners of national and regional scholarships are:

There are endless factors to consider when deciding what college is the right fit. So while your parents may have strong opinions on why thier alma mater may be "the one," you may have another incentive for considering it - legacy scholarships.

Congratulations to all of our New Hampshire Mensa winners!

You might not even have an account or haven't logged on in years, but believe it or not, Facebook is used pretty often by college students as a way to find events both on and off campus and connect with people in clubs or classes. Most colleges have a group page for accepted students, and this is a great way to introduce yourself and get a sense of who your peers might be and what their interests are.