Fast food restaurants are situated almost in every country

02/06/2013 · Nowadays a problem of fast food is widespread all over the world

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It is concluded that fast foods have direct effect on obesity, and as such it is pertinent to oppose the growth of unhealthy and traditional food chains. People should buy food from the outlets selling healthy substitutes. Moreover, a grave need persists that the dilemma should be taken up by the congresspersons to ban every type of advertisements promoting foods that are high in sugar and fat, especially to the children.

People in nations like China and Japan have abandoned conventional healthy diets replaced by fast food, increasing the rates of obesity and as such related diseases have soared. Countries that have resisted culture of fast food-such as Italy, Spain and France- obesity is a not much of a problem. However, the positive aspect is the rising awareness about the side effects and ill consequences of fast food all over the world. Not only in U.S, but all the way through Western Europe, concerns and awareness have started to rise about the massive systems that ultimately produce, market and distribute their food.

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Fast food is normally high in calories which results in eating too much calories. It can lead to an extra weight gain and ultimately obesity. Research has revealed that people having habit of eating fast food consume more calories as compared with people who are not habitual of eating fast food. People eating fast food, most of the time, also consume extra fat, sodium and saturated fat, while consuming less fruits, milk and vegetables.

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It seems that fast food has become a routine matter of life. Whether it is due to the ingredients such as trans-fats or the negative health impact e.g. diabetes or being related to obesity, it is in fact fast food that dominates an individual’s life. Fast food results in consuming more calories than the desired level which normally results in extra weight gain. Environmental factors like eating fast food regularly could increase the undesired risk of obesity. Other major causes of obesity are illnesses, genetics and medications

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