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Over time, random acts of kindness appear to have become more and more rare. It is now time to work them back into everyday life. Kindness has become such an unexpected act that it is highly appreciated when one occurs, whether that appreciation is withheld or told outright. Random acts of kindness demonstrate the hope of a better world and are what make life beautiful and enjoyable.

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Thanks so much gloria the question is actually an unexpected act of kindness i can choose to write personal ..

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Acts of kindness and how they can benefit others.

Different kinds of acts
Benefits for others
1-One nice thing could be the start if a friend ship and making friends.

2- It can give them a positive attitude.
3- Can boost others self confidence, and make them feel welcome.
Giving some one a compliment on how they look.

2- Buying someone a special gift if theye having a rough week.
3- Ask someone if they're okay when they seem down or upset.

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