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Spacial planning, detailed drawings, lighting design, product and full material specification are all central to our design process presenting to clients with full costings for approval.

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Symphonic Band is a performance class open to qualified instrumentalists with permission from the instructor. The class will stress playing fundamentals, major, minor, and chromatic scales and rudiments of music theory. Home practice is expected and private lessons are encouraged. Members are eligible to participate in the solo/ensemble festival and may audition for All-State and All-Northwest performing groups. Symphonic Band members perform at school concerts and have the option of participating in the Marching Ensemble, which is highly recommended. As part of the band commitment, students will also participate in the Football and Basketball Band. Along with attendance and class assignments, students will be responsible for performances at 3 evening concerts, 4-5 home football games, 5-6 home basketball games, and 2-3 parades as part of their grade. Failure to meet these expectations will result in a lower grade. Members must also purchase their performance attire for evening concerts.

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This course expands upon digital design skills learned in Computer Graphics 1 and introduces Adobe Flash to build and edit animation and graphics using the Flash interface. Adobe InDesign (desktop publishing software) is then utilized to create effective publications such as print and digital announcements, fliers, advertisements, and reports. This course covers the processes to create, import, and manipulate text and/or graphics through use of software features.

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Math Skills consists of a review of operations on integers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. The language of algebra and problem-solving equations are studied throughout. Students also explore relations and functions using equations, tables, and graphs. Note: this course does not carry math credit toward graduation. Additionally, students do not forecast for this class; individual placement is made by teacher recommendation.

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This course is designed for students who are in the early stages of English language development and need additional language support to understand Social Science concepts. Instruction aligns with the state Social Studies Standards. Each year, the class will focus on a different aspect of the social studies curriculum including Geography, Global Studies, American Studies, or Government.

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The term sheltered refers to the strategies used to provide access to a given curriculum. Through the combination of language, content, and learning objectives, the goal is to create comprehensible input, improve student understanding and proficiency, and to demonstrate higher levels of achievement in skills for the given content area.

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This course provides students opportunities to work on social science skills around three 20th century themes: role of government, imperialism, and international relations. Instruction aligns with the state Social Studies Standards. ELL's have the same access to content as regular Social Studies 9 students; however, more emphasis is placed on vocabulary and content development through a variety of learning strategies to meet ELL language proficiency.


This course is aligned with the Oregon State Standards for Language Arts. The course is designed and taught for the Early Intermediate English Language Learner. Through the use of a variety of strategies and curriculum design, students have access to the same content as Literature and Composition 9 & 10. The combination of language, content, learning objectives, and the creation of comprehensible input, improves student understanding and proficiency in Language Arts skills. Access and support for learning will be provided by both Language Arts and ESL departments.