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Truman also hoped that assisting the French in Vietnam would help to shore up thedeveloped, non-Communist nations, whose fates were in surprising ways tied to thepreservation of Vietnam and, given the domino theory, all of Southeast Asia. Free worlddominion over the region would provide markets for Japan, rebuilding with American helpafter the Pacific War. U.S. involvement in Vietnam reassured the British, who linked theirpostwar recovery to the revival of the rubber and tin industries in their colony ofMalaya, one of Vietnam's neighbors. And with U.S. aid, the French could concentrate oneconomic recovery at home, and could hope ultimately to recall their Indochina officercorps to oversee the rearmament of West Germany, a Cold War measure deemed essential bythe Americans. These ambitions formed a second set of reasons why the United States becameinvolved in Vietnam.

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The war in Indochina (Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars, 1970; Gavel, 1971; Karnow, 1983; Porter, 1979), commonly referred to as the Vietnam war, can be seen as a nationalist and anticolonialist war, as a revolutionary war, and as a hot point of the cold war. As our focus is on tactics used by U.S. leaders for the containment of outrage, we do not dwell on the driving forces behind the war except to note that anticommunism was a major factor behind U.S. government policy in Indochina.

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Bombing, assassination, destruction of villages, and removal to camps are potent methods of intimidation, all used against the Indochinese in the long brutal war. The Pacification Program, the bombing, and the Phoenix Program were all intended, as stated policy, to intimidate surviving villagers in order to weaken their support for the resistance ( Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars, 1970: 100-1) .

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