“Blade Runner” is more of a film noir film than “The Matrix”.

Andrew Benjamin examines the interplay of film and architecture in Blade Runner.

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As the most complex and engaging character in Blade Runner, Roy Batty has many facets. sees that Roy's struggle is not just against Deckard and Tyrell, but against himself. Roy's growth is examined and compared to our own Human efforts to achieve our ideal of Humanity.

A blade runner must pursue  and try to terminate blade runner: humanity four replicants who stole.

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A serious examination of Blade Runner by Mary Jenkins at the University of Tasmania. Particularly assessing the value of life as perceived in the film and how it relates to the real world.

University essay by Stephen Rowley on postmodern cities as exemplified by New York and the Los Angeles of 2019 in Blade Runner.

Desire and Vision in Blade Runner, by Cathy Cupitt. An in-depth essay examining post-modern desires and fears and their visual representation in Blade Runner.

Blade Runner [n 1] est un film américain de science-fiction réalisé par Ridley Scott et sorti en 1982.

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While Hauer’s film output stayed mostly below the radar during the 1990s and early 2000s, he was also busy in television, appearing in series and one-off dramas such as Alias, Escape from Sobibor, Fatherland, Hostile Waters, Inside the Third Reich, Merlin and Smallville. He was also, for a while, the face of the advertising campaign for Ireland’s national drink, Guinness stout. He presumably got the job because with his shock of blonde hair and his trademark black clothes he rather resembled a pint of Guinness himself. When I saw Blade Runner: the Director’s Cut in a London cinema in the early 1990s, there was a roar of laughter when one of Hauer’s Guinness adverts popped up on the screen just before the main feature.

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Blade Runner was first released in 1982, directed by Ridley Scott ('The Duellists' 1977 and 'Alien' 1979), Blade Runner was a film adaptation of Phillip K Dick's novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'.

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Read Judith Barad’s essay “Blade Runner and Sartre: The Boundaries of Humanity,” in your text Philosophy; then write a 3 page Critical Essay (double-spaced) in which you identify at least three thematic and three stylistic characteristics (cinematic techniques) of film noir (see my notes in Course Documents) and explain how they are used by the director to convey the basic question raised by the film of what it is to be a human being in the postmodern world.

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A pleasant site looking at how to use Blade Runner in English - specifically the UK GCSE English, but applicable anywhere. Commentary, possible essay titles, etc. provided by Duncan Grey at Hinchingbrooke School. Includes differences list between Blade Runner and DADoES.

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A collection of English papers from Brown University covering the whole range of themes in Blade Runner, including setting, characterisations comparison to anime and of course Human Identity.