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In 1950 Charles Dickens published David Copperfield, this was actually his autobiographical novel.

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Dickens was good at writing about social phenomena and used a lot of irony in his writing. He described the aspects of the lower classes and how they saw the world. Moreover, he created world’s best-known characters in his works; it’s easy for us to identify ourselves with his characters.

It success was assured when Charles Dickens invented Sam Weller a street wise low life, and paired him with Mr.

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If you prefer having a guide, many companies offer walking tours with aDickens theme, and the city’s official website, , provides listings. runs the most lyrical and evocative two-hour tours, such as its Fridayafternoon Charles Dickens’s London itinerary, led by enthusiastic storytellers.

They were later collected and placed in a booke called sketches by Boz Boz was the psedoname that charles dickes used early in is career.

He had a gift that he shared with the rest of the world, a gift that has survived for decades Charles Dickens was an extraordinary person with an extraordinary life.

later on he wrote some couple of books before taking a break to write his major work,

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Charles Dickens was a tireless walker of London, the English city that served as the main setting of many of his novels. According to Claire Tomalin’s new biography, Charles Dickens: A Life, he routinely traipsed the capital’s central neighbourhoods before dinner and after midnight.

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William Raban is currently reader in film atthe London College of Communication (University of the Arts London).Abstract: The Houseless Shadow, 2011, 19 minutesThe CharlesDickens essay Night Walks gives voice to the film The Houseless Shadow, using the text to explore continuitiesbetween London’s nocturnal life as it is today, compared with how it wasobserved 150 years ago.

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What with Dickens’ bicentenary last year I thought I needed to a bit more to acknowledge my Dickens surroundings, and decided that I would undertake a series of Dickens walks. Charles Dickens was a prodigious walker. Whether on his night walks through London, or tramping through the Kent countryside, Dickens clocked up a huge number of miles on foot. He is estimated to have walked twelve miles per day – Peter Ackroyd, in his biography of Dickens, says that he habitually walked twelve miles in two-and-a-half hours, with just a five-minute break. That’s 4.8mph, which is at the (Dickens himself estimates that his average walking speech was 4 mph), and Dickens maintained this in all weathers. Dickens understood his passion for walking to be prodigious. In The Uncommercial Traveller, he writes:

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In a time when novels were almost thirty times as much as one of these serial novels, it put reading within the reach of the middle class, thus highly popularizing charles dickens works....