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A new requirement in this year's acceptance process is a 250-word essay from the nominated students. The essay should include ideas and goals of what nominees hope to gain from the weeklong event and can include topics concerning technology, education and entrepreneurship.

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For example, I wanted to write a scholarship essay about my entrepreneurial career goals. The entire first paragraph told the story of how I used sell fruit in a homemade fruit stand outside of my house. I talked about the process of gathering the fruit (going to neighbors’ houses and picking their fruit, only to sell it back to them), what it meant to me to earn my own money at 8 years old, and how I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Bam! Opening paragraph done.

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"Many students who participated in the past wrote essays about their experiences after the event because they wanted to share what they had learned," said Timothy Peoples, director of the Purdue Research Park Entrepreneurship Academy and director of the Purdue Technology Centers of West Lafayette. "We've been impressed by the quality of the written responses. We added the essay requirement to the program for those who want to write something after the event so they can compare their ideas and goals with what they actually experienced. It's part of the learning process."

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