Includes "From Freedom to Bondage," by Herbert Spencer.

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Some essays published earlier as pamphlets

. . . [r]ose through Mormon ranks and met most of its leaders – very hard to do – and got inside the machinery of that religion, being a state and regional official indifferent areas of function, including publicity and achieving [sic] historian. WhatI wrote became the final version of the church’s history of its members and itsofficial activities in a wide section of Texas. Can I recount historical eventsaccurately? Mormon Apostles, Stake Presidents and Bishops thought so.

The extravagance, madness, and prideof such a desire.

Frederick Engels, Ernest Untermann, eds.

Today I am handsomely married! We love each other, but it would all have been ruinedif, six years ago, I had not chucked the silly moral tic-tac-toes for reality, via yourcounsels. We will try to be so good to our coming child. Further, today I am an artist andhope to become a good writer – though still interested in science, I realize my limitationsin that field despite the prestige it might have accorded me – and have avoided a career insame. I am politically active, even though frightened at the cost of this, since the UnitedStates powers-that-be are increasingly punitive in their outlook on such things as studentdissent and assembly, to say nothing of their attitudes, in general, to the ordinary duty ofbecoming passionately involved with the daily problems of ordinary people relative toreligion, poverty, and minorities – they wish to ignore, or, when forced to see, topunish.

Samuel Moore, Edward Aveling, trans.

By 2003, when Judyth was interviewed for , the business aboutspeaking Russian to Lee was missing, and instead Judyth explained that Lee was so “clean cut”that when he offered to walk her home she agreed.

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Kahane, trans.Foreword by Friedrich A.

Judyth has flatly claimed that the offered her $600,000 for her story. Butwhen confronted on this by Louis T. Girdler, both she and Howard Platzman (a member of TeamJudyth) admitted that there was no such offer, but rather that her agent that the accountmight be worth that much. But then in December, 2003, she was again claiming that she“refused to sell the story to , that offered me a lot of money.” Indeed,when Judyth was first “shopping around” her manuscript to top New York publishers, she madeit clear that she wanted a million dollars for the story. Reactions ranged from scorn to mildinterest, but there were no takers at that price.

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Judyth insists that her motivation is the vindicate her lover, Lee Harvey Oswald, whom sheinsists has been unfairly maligned as the killer of John Kennedy. She told Black Op Radio, forexample that “someday there will be, like, a Lee Harvey Oswald action figure.”

Key sources on the “Judyth” storyinclude:

Dr. [Joseph] Reihl was the first one to gently suggest how to retrieve so many ofmy repressed memories, memories I had planned to take to the grave.

Foreword by Bettina Bien Greaves.

I ended up getting a job at Royal Castle, not knowing it was (as Lee told me later) the drop where FBI and snitches dropped their information on Carlos Marcello, who was not far away at Town & Country. I have my check stub to prove I worked at Royal Castle out there.

Includes essays by Fritz Machlup, Israel M.

But five years later, she told Black Op Radio that the reason was so that she and Lee could get“quickie divorces with a corrupt priest and go ahead and get married as Catholics.”