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Bahadur Shah Zafar was not directly responsible for the massacre but he could have prevented it, ..

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On the day after the soldiers had taken over the city and the situation was chaotic, Bahadur Shah personally went round the city to instill confidence among the residents.

When Shah Nasir left Delhi around 1840, Zafar became a pupil of Zauq, and after Zauq’s death in 1854 he acknowledged Ghalib as his ustad.

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Bahadur Shah was the last Mughal emperor of India and died in 7 November 1862.

Keeping with the tradition of such art the back of the plate is also painted with beautiful objects.

Bakht Khan too partly owed his leading position, especially in military matters, to the support of Bahadur Shah.

Yet the sipahis understood much better than we possibly can the political significance of associating the name of Bahadur Shah with their struggle against colonial rule.

Delhi was the main centre of this development and Bahadur Shah himself was an active participant in the creative endeavour.