Essay on problems due to electricity breakdown

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Essay On Problems Due To Electricity Breakdown In Pakistan

Surge protection should ideally be integrated into your main power switchboard itself. Smaller setups, which have a limited number of critical pieces of equipment, can choose to utilize portable surge protection devices that plug in to the power grid. Electrical trees: Electrical treeing is a phenomenon that affects high power installations such as high voltage power cables, transformers, etc. Any impurities or mechanical defects in the equipment used in high voltage installations can lead to partial electric discharges in the equipment. The damaging process manifests itself in a tree- like pattern, hence the name electrical treeing. Over a period of time, if it goes undetected, this phenomenon can lead to a continuous degradation of the equipment and eventually result in a total breakdown. In order to combat electrical treeing, it is important to use high quality materials that are designed to handle the electric load.

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Regular maintenance performed by trained engineers can also help to identify and rectify electrical treeing before it can cause a major breakdown. Essays On Hamlet By Shakespeare . Summary: Electric power is critical to society and business alike.

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Essay On Power Breakdown In Pakistan