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Notes the difference in critical response from his earlier film

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This black-and-white film, which is over three hours long, tells the inspiring and remarkable tale of German-Catholic industrialist Oskar Schindler, who bravely and uncharacteristically rescued some 1,200 Jews from death at Auschwitz.

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Traditional academic practice has privileged the written work as the only "realistic" medium for representing historical reality, yet, as evident in Schindler's List, film can attain the same level of authenticity as the written work.

Steven Spielberg's film 'Schindler's List' focuses on the well-known theme of the Holocaust.

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A comparison of Spielberg's film with Thomas Keneally's book 'Schindler's List' would show that cinema cannot portray the Holocaust powerfully.

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Why did he change? What happened to turn him from a victimizer into a humanitarian? It is to the great credit of that his film "Schindler's List" does not even attempt to answer that question. Any possible answer would be too simple, an insult to the mystery of Schindler's life. The Holocaust was a vast evil engine set whirling by racism and madness. Schindler outsmarted it, in his own little corner of the war, but he seems to have had no plan, to have improvised out of impulses that remained unclear even to himself. In this movie, the best he has ever made, Spielberg treats the fact of the Holocaust and the miracle of Schindler's feat without the easy formulas of fiction.

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I teach high school and we aren’t even allowed to show R rated films without parental consent. However, there are edited versions for educational purposes of many rated R films like Schindler’s List, etc. Glory is a film our district has in an edited format. I still don’t think I would show it to anyone younger than 13.