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How do you write an essay about your summer vacation? This essay tutorial explains how.

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The University of Arizona Summer Engineering Academy is a series of weeklong residential camps for students passionate about engineering, math and science.

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Let's start this one at the most simple of places, summer vacation. You were there, I wasn't. It is that concept that is the basis for this type of essay. An individual writes this essay from the first person perspective explaining in detail how they spent those summer days. Depending on if you just spent those lazy summer days basking in the sun, or if you were travelling the countries or Europe, what you say, and the way you say things may very much differ. We're keeping this simple. I would not assume you need to do any research for this essay. The summer break was your own. You are the only one who truly knows the extent of how you spent it, and now it is your turn to tell your story to the world.

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WONDER Women will be a residential summer camp for young women entering the 6th grade through young women entering the 8th grade. The young ladies will experience what it means to be a female in engineering. They will explore all 8 different engineering departments here at MSU, including mechanical, civil, chemical, biomedical, and electrical, computer science, industrial, and aerospace, through different activities. Each young lady will receive a copy of Through My Window by Sonia Ellis. It is a book allowing women to delve in to the world of artificial intelligence, engineering design, and engineering ethics. Throughout the camp, the young ladies will be doing activities directly related to the novel. During the student’s time with us, they will hear from a broad audience of women in engineering here at MSU and we will have round table discussions on how to be a successful woman in the field. This camp is to promote an encouraging environment, hopefully leading these women to choose a path in engineering.

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What is possibly one of the most generic essays ever written, the "what did you do over your summer break" essay? Pretty much anyone I know has had to write one of those whether it was in grade school, or even in university. The essay in general is fairly straight forward, however there can be changes and specific requirements the instructor wants you to do with the assignment. This essay will explain exactly how you go about telling the tale of your summer vacation.

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Thinking a bit more, there is possibly one way this essay could be difficult to write. If you did have such an extensive and interesting summer, perhaps a trip to Europe, and you wanted to include as much of the trip as possible in the paper, however the instructor placed a word limit on the paper. How is it that you explain your travels from Paris to Milan, from Milan to Moscow, in only 1000 words? In such a case I would suggest you write only the most interesting features of the trip. Or perhaps if you want to include as much as possible, remove particular details write in more specific generalities. The next day we went to two museums in Milan before heading to the train station to leave for Moscow. The train from Italy to Russia took this duration of timeaˆ¦ If you have a lot to say, you have a few ways to use your words to describe your experiences, just think of how you want to convey the experience and let the writing do it for you.

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In partnership with Rice University’s School Literacy and Culture, WITS offers the acclaimed Creative Writing Camp at 6 Houston campuses for students entering K-12 grades in fall 2018. Creative Writing Camp pairs talented, professional authors with experienced classroom teachers for a high-quality summer program that feeds the imagination.

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So to conclude, this essay isn't original. The essay isn't something which hasn't been done. Adversely the essay isn't something you should particularly worry about even if you had a "dull" summer. Let your writing make the summer interesting, even if you didn't travel to foreign countries. Something interesting can be said about what happened to you over your summer vacation, it's all a matter of how you word it. Good luck, and get writing!