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Gambling disorder is specifically covered by the DSM-5, and there is a whole chapter on sexual dysfunctions, which focuses on sexual impairment but neglects excessive sexual activity and pornography addiction – “sexaholism”, as encountered in 12-step groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous, . Video game addiction is not discussed at all, but seductive graphics and sound experiences, smart phones, enhanced speakers and video monitors and fast internet can produce compulsive, ungovernable urges in some people, which are at the core of the experience of addiction in the brain. Smartphones, junk food (especially products with large amounts of refined sugars), and shopping can also be compulsive or addictive.

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The idea of long-term, open-ended treatment runs counter to the one-time view that a person was likely "cured" in a relatively short time after attending a drug rehab program. However, evidence is mounting that lifelong treatment with maintenance medication along with counseling or therapy should be standard drug abuse treatment for most people with relapsing substance use disorders.

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The , which was chosen to run the required evaluation of Proposition 36, issued three annual reports on the implementation and impact of the program since 2003. The 2006 UCLA study showed that Proposition 36 was saving taxpayers $2.50 for every $1 invested. It was estimated that the legislation would save $1.5 billion in five years in addition to increasing the number of licensed and substance abuse "slots" by 68%. However, the Prop 36 (2000) funding dried up. Proposition 47 (2014) followed.

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Recently, some of the major companies that provide the basic infrastructure that makes the Internet work have seen an increase in DDoS attacks against them. Moreover, they have seen a certain profile of attacks. These attacks are significantly larger than the ones they're used to seeing. They last longer. They're more sophisticated. And they look like probing. One week, the attack would start at a particular level of attack and slowly ramp up before stopping. The next week, it would start at that higher point and continue. And so on, along those lines, as if the attacker were looking for the exact point of failure.

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I am unable to give details, because these companies spoke with me under condition of anonymity. But this all is consistent with what Verisign is reporting. Verisign is the registrar for many popular top-level Internet domains, like .com and .net. If it goes down, there's a global blackout of all websites and e-mail addresses in the most common top-level domains. Every quarter, Verisign a DDoS trends report. While its publication doesn't have the level of detail I heard from the companies I spoke with, the trends are the same: "in Q2 2016, attacks continued to become more frequent, persistent, and complex."

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First, a little background. If you want to take a network off the Internet, the easiest way to do it is with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS). Like the name says, this is an attack designed to prevent legitimate users from getting to the site. There are subtleties, but basically it means blasting so much data at the site that it's overwhelmed. These attacks are not new: hackers do this to sites they don't like, and criminals have done it as a method of extortion. There is an entire industry, with an arsenal of technologies, devoted to DDoS defense. But largely it's a matter of bandwidth. If the attacker has a bigger fire hose of data than the defender has, the attacker wins.

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Prop 47 (2014) made most drug possession and minor nonviolent property crimes misdemeanors rather than felonies. The measure also required that money saved as a result of the measure would be spent on "school truancy and dropout prevention, victim services, mental health and drug abuse treatment, and other programs designed to keep offenders out of prison and jail." This should breathe new life into the treatment priorities of proposition 36 (2000).