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The next stage is one that is largely unrecognised in current discussion. It can be called ‘young adult’. Its task is, in essence, to get suitably established: in living-place, in work, and in sexual or working partnerships. It is a necessary preliminary to sustained productivity or the rearing of families (the next stage of life), and its course may take many years to work through. (It may take professionals like doctors or lawyers, for example, until their early thirties before they become really established).

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Thus crises can occur at any time or stage of life, close together or widely separated, with causes external or internal, many and various. However in considering the stages of life there is one type of crisis – the so-called ‘mid-life’ one – which does warrant special examination. Writers differ widely in their conception of such events. Our own view is that the typical mid-life crisis is best understood as arising from an emerging sense of travelling along a road that is heading in the wrong direction; a road one no longer wants to be on (if one ever did). Moreover (and this is also characteristic of a mid-life crisis) there is a strong accompanying urge to do something about it; to get onto some new and better road.

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In all this activity, starting in primary school years but extending well beyond, there is again a deep dilemma. On the one hand the child or young person must acquire the approaches and methods which are tried, tested and approved in society, just as they are laid down. On the other, it must be encouraged to discover its own individual ways of tackling things; to use its own initiative, to foster its idiosyncratic creativity. Somehow each child must find a synthesis in which it develops what may be called individualised competence; that is, knowledge, attitudes and skills which show sensible conformity to established practice, whilst leaving necessary scope for individual insight and ability. In the earliest years there will be an inevitable bias towards teaching the child to do things in the ‘right’, that is, standard, way. But if this is too prolonged, the child or young person becomes able only to produce copybook performances which stifle its own development and creativity as well as failing to match-up to the ever-changing needs of life and circumstance. On the other hand lies the danger of the emergence of an untutored, if original, oddity; one who is unable to draw (or draw coherently) upon the vast existing treasure-house of developed ideas and knowledge, and is therefore able to achieve little or nothing of lasting value.

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Disasters, losses and sudden illnesses can all precipitate crises. So too (oddly), can windfalls, gains and unexpected opportunities – just try winning the state lottery! But crises can also arise when, though all in life appears outwardly to be proceeding as normal, something inside starts to say: this way of life will not do, it is stagnant, it must be changed. A Gauguin leaves city life to paint in the South Seas; a Loyola leaves soldiering to found a holy order. Any crisis is a time of danger but it is also a time of opportunity -to find some new mastery, to develop, to grow – and sometimes our better-self propels us into a crisis without external cause when it feels that we have stopped moving forward in life. Whatever the exact cause, if the challenge is successfully risen to, life can then proceed more steadily on a new basis (with whatever ease or difficulty) for some extended period; until that is, the next crisis beckons. If however the challenge proves too much, then slow decline will inevitably follow, if not rapid dissolution.

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