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Lovecraft’s influence has been long connected with horror literature. This anthology, Horror in Space, and the essays mentioned above create inroads into developing similar connections with horror films situation in space or as alien invasion films. For more information about this collection, check out or for a peek inside and ordering details.

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There is no disputing the influence of H.P. Lovecraft on modern horror, especially horror situated in space. In the new anthology, Horror in Space: Critical Essays on a Film Subgenre (2017, McFarland) edited by Michele Brittany, the following four essays connect Lovecraft’s writings to space horror films.

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Originally published in 1984, this collection of essays remains relevant and informative for those seeking a broad overview of the genre....Grant and Sharrett provide a new introduction (it is twice the length of the previous one) and do an excellent job of summing up that state of horror film at the dawn of the new century....Recommended. ()

The 1984 edition of academic essays sought to establish the genre as a legitimate subject of study. The second edition takes that achievement as given, and also accounts for films produced over the past two decades, which above all have lost all interest in any social or cultural commentary or critique. Only one essay has been revised; otherwise, some have been dropped and new ones added. Ten of them explore definitions and approaches, the other 12 focus on particular films and filmmakers. ()

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