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Workplace Conflict ManagementConflict is defined by Hellriegel, Slocum and Woodman as

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Conflict is an interactive, but opposing behavior between persons, groups or organizations with goals that are not compatible. Conflicts are common in workplaces. Research studies have indicated that conflict is a doubled edged sword, since it has several benefits, yet has the potential to cause severe problems in an organization. Therefore, organizations must find a way of solving disputes. This essay will discuss some of the methods that one can use to resolve conflicts in the workplaces.

Workplace conflict can be caused by various factors, and can cause a great deal of stress for all those involved....

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The essay has discussed some of the methods that can be used to resolve conflicts in the workplace. All organizations encounter conflicts from time to time. Conflicts are important since they may lead to better ideas and improved employee performance. Nevertheless, they may hinder attainment of organizational goals if not resolved. The three techniques which are used to resolve conflict: negotiation, mediation, and negotiation.

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Associates may have different viewpoints about an incident, plan, or goal. Problems in the workplace can occur when associates are responsible for different duties in achieving the same goal. Take, for instance, the scenario of a patient being admitted to a hospital. The business office is responsible for documenting financial information and pursuing payment, whereas the nursing staff is responsible for the patient’s physical assessment and immediate admission. Both objectives are important and necessary, but may cause conflict (Bell 2002).

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