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Lady Macbeth: Macbeth's wife. Her ambition for Macbeth's future rivals and arguably exceeds that of Macbeth's. She goads Macbeth to kill King Duncan when Macbeth hesitates. Later despite the appearance of calm, she becomes increasingly obsessed with the blood on her hands which no one else can see. A study of the apparent falsehood of denying ones conscience and feelings.

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Although the witches’ prophecies had been fulfilled before, they are not of a definite nature; however, Macbeth understands them as unbreakable, inevitable promises, fuelling his vaulting ambition and grants Macbeth the senses of invincibility....

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Macbeth’s vaulting ambition combines explosively with the temptation offered by the witches’ prophesies.

Though Lady Macbeth’s ambition may be more vaulting than Macbeth’s, ..

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The ambition which Macbeth and Lady Macbeth encounter within Shakespeare's play not only drives them to become ruthless killers, but is the cause of the two characters meeting their demise....

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Before actually completing his horrendous act of killing the much loved King Duncan, Macbeth suffers mental conflict "having no spurs to prick the side of my intent" between the "vaulting ambition which leaps over itself and falls on the other" and the "deep damnation of his...

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Macbeth possesses enough self-awareness to realize the dangers of overzealous ambition: “I have no spur / To prick the sides of my intent, but only / Vaulting ambition which o’erleaps itself / And falls on th’other” (25-28).

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Macbeth is certainly not the only play with historical themes that is full of fabrications. Indeed, there are other reasons why the play is considered a tragedy rather than a history. One reason lies in the play's universality. Rather than illustrating a specific historical moment, Macbeth presents a human drama of ambition, desire, and guilt. Like Hamlet, Macbeth speaks soliloquies that articulate the emotional and intellectual anxieties with which many audiences identify easily. For all his lack of values and "vaulting ambition," Macbeth is a character who often seems infinitely real to audiences. This powerful grip on the audience is perhaps what has made Macbeth such a popular play for centuries of viewers.

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Macbeth has the ambition and the drive to be the king, but unlike his wife, he doesn’t possess the same level of motivation because he doesn’t want to kill Duncan to get the throne. However, Lady Macbeth’s ambition overrides his as she convinces him to murder the current king and get him off the throne and out of the way of his own rule.