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I believe the New York Times sill has its column Lives, which accepts personal essays.

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While essentially modern in character, the climate at the time of the English colonization was less conducive to a comfortable existence than what we recognize today.

Despite the equal amount of happiness, the first one seems like more satisfactory life.

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When we talk with a broader point of view, we say life is t short to live to the full if we are enjoying our life and still have millions of things we want to do but know we can’t because life’s just too short.

London's short story "The Law of Life" was first published in Mc Clure's Magazine in 1901.

Events that contradicted my ideas of the basic fairness of life would eventually be explained, that was what growing up meant to me: at some point I would be seen as worthy enough to be given the key to understanding what was going on.

For me, one experience that really changed my outlook of life was my mission trip to Costa Rica back when I was in the ninth grade.

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This dramatic change in my life was very startling and I had to come to the realization that even though this would be an extremely hard time in my life, I could have hope that God has a plan for me and that everything happens for a reason.

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In Louisiana Indian communities, there now exists a new genre of Folklore-mostly concerning anthropologist and folklorists. Stories abound about the "giants of academia": John R. Swanton, Albert Gatschet, Frank Speck, and others. Perhaps the most astounding thing to Indian people is the apparent inability of these "trained" people to remember what they see or hear. One Coushatta elder put it candidly, "Why can't anthropologists learn our language or remember what we say - they have to take notes or make tapes. We all learn without doing that!" Indians somehow noticed that professors were terribly "slow learners" by Indian standards. In Indian communities some people knew three to four languages; anthropologists and folklorists were having trouble learning what children already knew!

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Frederick Lewis Allen’s book Since Yesterday: the 1930s in America gives a wonderful depiction of exactly what went on during this period of time in the United States, it explains what everyday life was like for the common people and g...

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This article was first published in the 1988 Louisiana Folklife Festival booklet. Dr. H. F. "Pete" Gregory is director of the Williamson Museum and teaches in the Department of Social Sciences at Northwestern State University.

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