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Jean Piaget was one who made a contribution with his theories on the cognitive development stages.

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The process of learning is believed to have the development of expectancies involved. These expectancies are the events that an organism like the human learns that certain events lead to others and so on. How an organism reacts naturally in a situation may possibly make it quite difficult to learn any new responses. Here the evolutionary history of the organism becomes important since it is important in the understanding or learning. Moreover, organisms are required to learn certain behaviors that are scheduled for them and not learn others that depend on their preference. This is the main criteria in determining whether the organism can adapt to its environment or not.

One promising area of social cognitive development is achievement motivation.

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Through the very structured sessions of cognitive therapy, a client should essentially learn the tools to be their own cognitive therapist for future problems they may encounter....

Musicologists have developed theories on how musical development has cognitive components.

These processes include attention, perception, learning and reasoning, (Eysenck and Keane, 2010).There are a number of approaches which can be used within this field, however for the purposes of the essay only two will be compared; cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology.

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