Its name is derived from the Greek goddess Iris, goddess of the rai..

“Goddess of the hunt and the moon and protector of expectant women and the young” ..

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As with most flowers, I prefer the simpler, native forms, found in their native places, but the complex bearded cultivars bred for gardens are beautiful and fascinating, and make it easy to spy on the iris’ sex life. At the top of the hanging sepals, the falls, is a ‘beard’ of filaments, leading between the upright blades of the petals, or standards. This inviting doorway, often marked by vividly colored nectar guides, gives , plenty of room to land and a clearly marked way in. As they arrive, they brush against the stigma, the tiny, purple horizontal shelf above the beard. Here they deposit the pollen carried from the last flower, thus starting the fertilization process. Then, as they sip nectar, more pollen from the anther tucked under the stigma collects on their bodies. On leaving, they back out, under the stigma, so they don’t lose their new load of pollen.

“‘I would rather be a cyborgthan a goddess’: Becoming-Intersectional in Assemblage Theory.”PhiloSOPHIA, 2(1): 49-66.

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Unlike or peonies, which open slowly into luscious, inviting, petal-filled bowls, irises are architectural and, though beautiful and elegant, a bit stiff. They start as sword-shaped buds and then open so quickly that I watched last spring as the petals of one almost snapped into place. They are with us for a few days, and then start to fade. That swift passage and their rigid stems make them difficult cut flowers. As photography subjects they are frustrating. Their stiffness and multiple planes make them relatively unphotogenic. It’s hard to find good angles and close to impossible to get all of their ten, often moving parts into focus.

Achilles is quickly prevented from attacking Agamemnon by the goddess Athena with the ..

For example, Iris Young argues that Beauvoir paysrelatively little attention to the role that female embodiment playsin women’s oppression (Young 1990b,142–3).

Artemis was a proud goddess, and several stories show her taking revenge on those who slight her.

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Though her personality is far less-definitive when compared with that of Isis, Nephthys was still a goddess of considerable prestige. Ramses II himself built a temple for her in the frontier-town of Sepermeru, midway between Oxyrhynchus and Herakleopolis, in what was once Upper Egyptian Nome XIX. There, alongside temples of and Ra-Horakhty, her sanctuary was called "The House of Nephthys of Ramses-Meriamun", and was specifically endowed with pharaonic land-holdings under the administration of her prophets and priests. According to Papyrus Wilbour, another temple (also dubbed The House of Nephthys of Ramses-Meriamun) appears to have been built in affiliation with and Ra-Horakhty institutions in Su, nearer to the Fayyum Oasis.

-- (2008), pp. 158-159

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...these are hieroglyphs representing her name. There is a Hw.t sign which means "enclosure/mansion/temple" and there is a nb sign meaning "lord". Together with the single absence of the feminine .t ending they spell nb.t-Hw.t "lady of the enclosure". There is also a town in Upper Egypt which is called Hw.t though its fuller name is Hw.t-sSS.t, meaning "enclosure of the sistrum" ... this city, the metropolis of the 7th Upper Egyptian nome, was associated with Nephthys since she was considered literally from her name to be the "lady of Hu" ... with a name like nb.t-Hw.t "lady of the enclosure", Nephthys does not seem to be the real name of the goddess.


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And yet I love them. And I am far from alone in this love. For centuries, they have been one of the most popular garden flowers in Europe. Even in Linnaeus’ eighteenth century, gardeners had cultivated so many colors he named them after Iris, the Greek messenger goddess, who journeyed to earth on rainbows. The . Leonardo da Vinci, , and , among many others, painted them. Chinese brush painting has a calligraphy devoted to them. dove into their most intimate parts. They are found in ancient Egyptian palaces as well as dating from 2100 BCE.

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The native irises are simpler, unbearded, smaller and finer textured than the garden varieties. The standards and falls are less opulent, as well as less colorful, being largely limited to pure white, cream, lavenders and purples. On the eastern end of Long Island, in New York, , the blue flag, Iris versicolor, was a rare and lovely sight. I was thus unprepared for my first spring on the Pacific coast.