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Hermann Vaske last screened his doc ARTEHOLIC about Udo Kier at FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2014. Now, Vaske portrays another subject obsessed by art and cinema: Dennis Hopper (1936-2010). A journey down the cinematic highway, from Hopper’s youth on the plains of Kansas to his career in and on the edge of Hollywood. His friends and fellow travelers such as Wim Wenders, Isabella Rossellini and Michael Madsen, as well as artists like architect Frank Gehry, recall Dennis Hopper – pieces of a puzzle making up a fascinating, multi-faceted portrait.

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Stacy Peralta and George Powell founded skate company Powell Peralta 1976. To publicize the brand, they formed a team of young skaters who would go on to revolutionize the sport: Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and Mike McGill. Stacy commented that he never wanted to call them a "team," a label that invited all kinds of jock baggage. Craig shrugged and simply said, "Bones Brigade." At the time, skating needed all the help it could get. The 1970s "fad" that swept the country after the invention of the urethane wheel had deflated embarrassingly by 1981. Remaining participants' social status ranked below the chess club. Powell Peralta averaged an anemic 500 monthly board sales and Tony Hawk once received a royalty check for 85¢. To increase brand awareness and grow skateboarding, Stacy produced and created a new Bones Brigade video every year, showcasing his crew's varied personalities and invented maneuvers. The videos routinely featured riders crawling out of sewers, skating abandoned pools and back alleys, bombing desolate hills—essentially shredded an apocalyptic world hidden to most non-skaters.

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Roderic L. Mullen
The Expansion of Christianity:
A Gazeteer of Its First Three Centuries

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