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Other Central European post-Communist states with no previous experience in the Western political arts have also transformed themselves into democracies and flourished. Bulgaria and Romania, which joined the EU in 2007, may still struggle with organized crime and corruption. Hungary may struggle with authoritarian tendencies that sometimes strain the rule of law. But all of the EU's new members are vastly better governed and produce a better standard of living for their citizens than the Central Asian inheritors of the Soviet breakup—or the Afghan and Iraqi inheritors of a decade of Western military intervention.

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European Integration is here understood as the process of political, economic and cultural integration and co-operation between various European countries in the 20th century - mainly in the period after 1945.
The development of the European Community after 1950 receives particular attention.

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In the settlements to the Napoleonic Wars statesmen, in their efforts to restore political stability to Europe, reconstituted most of the Duchies and Grand Duchies often under rulers drawn from junior branches of the Habsburg dynasty or otherwise under Habsburg Austrian tutelage.

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