This essay will consider evil in its many guises in this tragedy.

This contrast between good and evil is a recurring theme throughout Macbeth.

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Rackin's criticism of Macbeth employs both the importance of time and the overwhelming power of evil; these ideas are only two of the many themes displayed in Shakespeare's illustrious tragedy....

Evil in Macbeth  The good characters in Macbeth are less interesting than the evil ones.

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“Till he unseamed him from the nave to the chaps and fixed his head upon our battlements.” (1.2.22) In Macbeth, Macbeth begins his evil decent after he meets the three witches who prophesize that he will be titled Thane of Cawdor.

In this essay I will explore the ways in which Shakespeare contrasted good and evil in Macbeth.

Initially, in the first few scenes, Macbeth is seen as a hero, fighting for king and country, but soon he meets the evil witches who change him for the worse....

In this essay I will explore the ways in which Shakespeare contrasted good and evil in Macbeth.

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It is a dark and gloomy play, as the main character, Macbeth, gets a taste for evil and kills the king of Scotland, King Duncan, in order to become king himself.

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Fanny Kemble in “Lady Macbeth” asserts that Lady Macbeth died as a result of her evil acts: Lady Macbeth, even in her sleep, has no qualms of conscience; her remorse takes none of the tenderer forms akin to repentance, nor the weaker ones allied to fear, from the pursuit of which the tortured soul, seeking where to hide itself, not seldom escapes into the boundless wilderness of madness....

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Roger Warren states in Shakespeare Survey 30, regarding Trervor Nunn's direction of Macbeth at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1974-75, how the witches represented the evil force of black magic: Much of the approach and detail was carried over, particularly the clash between religious purity and black magic.

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In this essay, I will argue that Macbeth reflects strict gender expectations and that the protagonists are in turn governed and constrained by these stereotypes.

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In Macbeth there are some truly evil acts, for example a man who attempts to kill his best friends son, a man who kills his king and someone who hires hit men to do his dirty work.

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There are multiple characters that either lit the fuse of Macbeth’s ambition, or cut the fuse to make it shorter, thus leading him along the path to evil....