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2015 saw designers resigning from houses, UK fast-fashion stores expanding globally and high-street brands causing unprecedented pandemonium. 2015 also saw the release of , a documentary confronting instances of fashion’s disregard of human rights and environmental issues. The issues are by no means new; all have been prominently raised, debated and protested before, so why are these alarming practices still a foul reality of the fashion industry?

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America’s three most wasteful and useless industries are probably , , and ; all three barely deserve to exist, if at all, although they comprise about a third of the American economy in retail dollars, and the entire economy rides on the energy of fossil fuels. Everything other than the energy situation is just noise. . When costs are considered that the market does not measure, such as environmental devastation, (as well as the debt itself), infrastructure costs and so forth, those industries' share of the global economy is staggering. Also, the impossible-to-calculate cost in human suffering is at awesome levels in all three industries. The situations painted in this site’s relevant essays argue in support of that the larger, more powerful, and more monopolistic any industry or profession becomes, the more it degenerates into a racket, and eventually becomes a dinosaur that only stays alive because it has hogged all the nearby fodder and kills anything that comes near. Also, because the USA is , the idea that people those industries has been deeply ingrained.

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Traditional retailers have paled in comparison to fast fashion giants Zara and even its competitor FAST FASHION MARKETING RECYCLING AND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES by Issuu Stories Fast fastslowtextiles Piao Cao FAST FASHION Zara fast fashion case study summary essay film marker business creative writing journal entries The Closet Staples We Always Buy At Zara J Crew amp More Refinery The Appareal Industry and the Eco Friendly Tendencies LinkedIn Zara case analysis John proctor character analysis essay buy an essay paper Developed world

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