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2. When the faculty and/or college initiates a withdrawal after the last day to withdraw, as outlined in the Academic Calendar, if: (1) the student exceeds the faculty's absence policy in the syllabus; or, (2) the student abandons the class. In these cases, if the student is passing the class at the time of the withdrawal, the faculty may assign the WA or WF grade, depending on the grading criteria of the syllabus; however, if the student is failing the class at the time of this withdrawal, the student must be assigned a WF.

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The Graduate School, as well as each academic unit, regularly evaluates the academic performance of its graduate students, adhering to the standards of Marquette University, the Graduate School, and the standards and requirements established by each academic unit and program. Students must earn acceptable grades and adhere to the requirements of academic honesty, professional integrity, and professional performance as well as continue to make satisfactory progress toward their degrees and meet the expectations of the Marquette University Student Conduct Code. The specific expectations related to each of these requirements are described at various points earlier in the Graduate School Bulletin and in the next section below.

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Failure to complete the program or to obtain an approved extension of time may result in the student being administratively withdrawn from the program. In such cases, students must follow the guidelines for readmission in order to be considered for readmission to their program of study.

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An official transcript is a complete and unabridged copy of all academic work attempted at Marquette and includes only those courses attempted at Marquette. Partial official transcripts are never produced. Transfer and test credits accepted toward a Marquette degree are recorded, but the grades earned are not on the Marquette transcript. Course and grade information contained on the transcript is released only upon written consent from the student, as required by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), or as required by law. See the University FERPA Policy located on the .

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Extensions are typically granted for one academic term, but in some circumstances, may extend for up to one year. Students will generally be limited to two requests for extension of time and a cumulative total of two years of extension. Under unusual circumstances, a subsequent extension may be considered, but only to the degree it does not cause a substantial change to the student’s thesis, project or dissertation committee, or alter or negatively affect fundamental aspects of the program in which the student is enrolled.


Students who are unable to complete their degrees within the allowable time may petition the Graduate School for an extension; Request for Extension of Time forms are available on the To ensure timely consideration, the Request for Extension of Time form should be filed early in the term in which the time limit expires. If the extension is approved, the student is notified of the expectations for progress toward completion of the degree. Failure to meet those expectations may result in academic censure, including dismissal. If the extension is denied, the student is terminated from the graduate program at the end of the term during which the time limit will expire.

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Students are expected to complete all requirements for their degrees in the time allowed: six years for master’s degrees and certificates, and eight years for doctoral (Ph.D. and D.N.P.) degrees. The time period begins with the date of admission to degree status, or with the date of admission to non-degree or temporary status in the same or closely-related program. The start of the time period is not affected by transfer credit that may have been taken prior to admission to Marquette.