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Dionysus is included in some lists of the twelve Olympians of Ancient Greek religion.

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Thomas Aquinas saw this as the issue, and so he believed that goodness was a matter of rational and natural knowledge, such that a natural and untutored man, or least a naturally good and wise one, would be able to pick Christianity out of the line-up, as it were, of competing religions.

History of Greek theatre began with religious festivals which aim to honor Dionysus, a god.

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While the essence of religion is the , expressed in dogmatic belief and ritual, as discussed in detail , traditional morality also can often embody truths that escape the analysis of the rational humanist.

Two words explain why humans are religious and believe in after lifwe: comfort and hope.

It is unclear whether religious and scientific thinking arecognitively incompatible. Some studies suggest that religion drawsmore upon an intuitive style of thinking, distinct from the analyticreasoning style that characterizes science (Gervais and Norenzayan2012). On the other hand, the acceptance of theological and scientificviews both rely on a trust in testimony, and cognitive scientists havefound similarities between the way children and adults understandtestimony to invisible entities in religious and scientific domains(Harris et al. 2006). Moreover, theologians such as the Church Fathersand Scholastics were deeply analytic in their writings, indicatingthat the association between intuitive and religious thinking might bea recent western bias. More research is needed to examine whetherreligious and scientific thinking styles are inherently intension.

No aspect of Greek life can be approached without considering their religion....

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Similarly, if Greek philosophy is to be compared with (, ) and (; Japanese ) philosophy, there must be something that they have in common, and that can be mutually contrasted with pre-philosophical thought.

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To me it seems that religion is a classic confidence trick. It promises the most wonderful and desirable reward that is impossible to to achieve without making large sacrifices of treasure and time. The prize is so desirable that critical thought is suspended. To further deter critical thought, cruel penalties are periodically inflicted on critics by the believers who claim to be carrying out the demands of the deity, thus demonstrating the that the deity does not exist. So the religion industry grinds on and on. It’s as amazing as when uncle spends the family wealth on a non existent bridge. The commands in Numbers 30 and 31, when entering the broken city to kill all the men, boys and male babies and women that have been with a man but the young virgin women you may keep for yourselves, clearly illustrates the tribal nature of Abrahmic religions as do the laws on homosexuality and marrying outside the tribe.

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After all, it is not uncommon now for items of Egyptian literature, like the , to be listed and taught as Egyptian "philosophy" (although the contains principles superior to much modern ) So if Greek philosophy is to be thought of as different, there must be ways of specifying that difference.

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I believe religion became a creation of man in the early stages of evolving from just another forest animal to a thinking human being. With the growth of deeper emotion which also includes concern ,surely man would have started wondering why where and how. With these mixed emotions going without something solid or evident to answer the questions man then formed ideas to compensate. Even though I’m not religious from a scientific view I’m pretty certain we would not evolved to the point that mankind is today without it. Even though the basis of religion is simple minded ideas it does have its attributes that I see as imperative to evolution itself.