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Many believe that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream has come true in present day

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Martin Luther King stated that he had a dream and that one day he hoped his children would not be judged by their skin color but the "contents of their character." Afterlooking through statistics, it is hard to saythat his dream has fully been reached basedon the increasing income gap between whitesand blacks over the years.We can not yet say that Martin Luther King'sDream has been fulfilled until the gap between white and black income closes in.

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I never even thought we would ever have an African American president; at least in my lifetime. I believe that even though we have our first African American president, Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream is still waiting to become true.

What has become of Martin Luther King's Dream

Instead of Martin Luther King's dream becoming a reality, it is falling from realization in American society. Coretta King said, "We must challenge government,business, and labor to create a social contract to fulfill the dream of a nation free from povertyand deprivation, a nation where every willing workercan find a job at a decent wage," This idea has notcome true.

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