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thank you for your effort Ms. Liz
Anw, I mean no disrespect to you but eventhough this sample has a clear logic and good supported sentences, I Feel like this is not a band 9 essay, as there should be more complex sentences and ideas should be more fully supported. Am I wrong? Pls let me know.

Hi, If question asks what extent do you agree with this view? How can i write answer if i am not agree with topic?

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Hi, I have a doubt. For an agree/disagree essay, and if only one opinion is mentioned in the question, Do I still have to write about both sides of the topic? ( I mean advantages and disadvantages or only the ones we agree or disagree)

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Your failure to obey an order and your blatant disrespect towards the leadership of this unit will not be tolerated.

I am recommending the following action(s) be taken and where necessary referred to the Commander for action:
(Write the Recommended punishment here)

You are being counseled for the mis-conduct noted above.

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The leader should always counsel the Soldier when he or she disrespects
anyone and recommend punishment according to the severity of the offense which can range from writing a essay to an article 15
Here is an Example Disrespect Counseling Statement for you to use as a guide while writing your DA 4856.

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Hello Liz,
I’ve a confusion about thesis statement. Can I write a phrase after stating my opinion (However,I also believe that) for adding more information in my thesis statement or I’ve to stick only I completely agree/disagree that ?