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In the second week, we will contrast the heroic Washington with the revisionist appraisal. How did John Marshall and Mason Locke Weems view Washington? Why does Richard Brookhiser still consider Washington’s life “exemplary”? We will analyze Michael Pack’s documentary Rediscovering George Washington and meet with William Martin, an outstanding writer who has written the novel Citizen Washington and the screenplay for a documentary on the life of Washington, George Washington: The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King. To offer an alternative to the heroic Washington, we will meet with the radical revisionist historian Howard Zinn. His visit will provide an opportunity to discuss what role the life of Washington should play in national and state history standards. Looking at current research, we will attempt to determine whether Washington holds up in a reality-based age, whether his Mount Rushmore image and iconic status remain compelling.

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To understand the creation of the American nation, we must come to grips with George Washington. He led the Continental army to victory, helped shape the Constitution, and served as the nation’s first president. To his contemporaries, Washington seemed admirable but aloof, even mysterious. Modern historians and biographers have found many Washingtons. Edmund Morgan finds genius in the exercise of power. Gary Wills and Marcus Cunliffe find a Roman classical hero. Richard Brookhiser sees an exemplary life. Richard Norton Smith concentrates on the human Washington, lonely and aging. Reflecting the revisionist challenge to the founding fathers, Howard Zinn considers Washington a member of an elite class that failed to end slavery or inequality. Contemplating Washington's attitude towards slavery, Henry Wiencek calls him an "Imperfect God," suggesting that he both transcended and mirrored his time. Who was George Washington? We will spend three weeks at Boston University’s School of Education trying to answer this question.

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In 2006, I heard from a college professor who had used this essay in his class curriculum for several years. He told me that the information on Columbus in this essay is a shock to about 99% of his pupils. As James Loewen remarked in his seminal , the real hero in American history textbooks is America itself. The story is of the state as hero, always right, forever unstained, marching off to greater feats of glory and righteousness. That is the Big Lie of American "history." That mentality is needed, however, in order to get boys to , to defend our great nation or “freedom” from "threats" such as and .

The second essay by Sidney Hook is a critical of Howard Zinn’s essay.