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Dormant for most of the interplanetary cruise, the lander was released at Christmas 2004, and in January 2005 plunged into the centre of Titan’s sunlit face.What kind of world did Huygens find?

Unlike his contemporary Huygens, who took inspiration fromEuclid's rigorous geometry, Wallis embraced the new analytic methodsof Descartes and Fermat.

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Ibn Sinan, grandson of Thabit ibn Qurra, was one of the greatestIslamic mathematicians and might have surpassed his famous grandfatherhad he not died at a young age.

(This theorem was eventually proved by Lagrange for k=4,the very young Gauss for k=3, and Cauchy for general k.

I’m now older that Wells was then, and I can testify how heartbreaking it is to visit war graves and see how young their occupants were, how much of their lives were left unfulfilled.

Alexis Clairaut was extremely precocious, delivering amath paper at age 13, and becoming the youngest person everelected to the .

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Eisenstein was a young prodigy; he once wrote"As a boy of six I could understand the proof of a mathematical theoremmore readily than that meat had to be cut with one's knife, not one's fork."Despite his early death, he is considered oneof the greatest number theorists ever.

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He gradually developed his math skills; as a young manhe published a paper on the calculus of variations, and soonbecame one of the most respected mathematicians in England despitehaving no formal training.

George Ellery Hale (June 9, 1868 - February 21, 1938) was …

(Gauss had proved the case k = 3.)One of the duties of a great mathematician is to nurturehis successors, but Cauchy selfishly dropped the ballon both of the two greatest young mathematicians of his day,mislaying key manuscripts of Abel and Galois.

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Later, Planck, Einstein and Bohr, partly anticipated by Hamilton,developed the modern notion of wave-particle duality.)Huygens is famous for his inventions of clocks and lenses.

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(Because of Newton's high reputation andcorpuscular theory of light, Huygens' superior wave theorywas largely ignored until the 19th-century work of Young, Fresnel,and Maxwell.

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He is especially famous for using negative and fractional exponents(though Oresme had introduced fractional exponents three centuries earlier),taking the areas of curves, and treating inelastic collisions(he and Huygens were first to develop the law of momentum conservation).