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I am writing a paper on the importance of a college degree. I read the blog and all of the comments. I am an experienced facility manager with more than 15 years in my field. While I received several promotions during my tenure at a particular company, I found it difficult over the past three years to find new employment despite my years of experience. I agree the expense is high, but my major will only complement my years of experiece which will ensure my professional success going forward. This is my 1st year and I have just landed a job. So I have to question why I did not get all those jobs I applied for over the past three years. Now that I am a year in, I got offered a vey good postion doing what I enjoy. I would recommend if you coming out of HS and heading to college, try to get internships in your field as you study, this will give you the edge you need. If you are a working adult, I recommend you get the degree in your current field and have your employer pay for it if they offer such a benefit.

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I think that college education is very much important for us in West Africa, especially Liberia reason is that we Liberians went through 14 years of civil conflict the war situation set our education sector back form the our African countries and the global world at large. and before you get a better paid job in our country not a day you must be a degree holder. this situation in our country Liberia have brought many problem to us, especially we the youth our country in this direction college education is very much important to us Liberia youth.

I agree with this article, it is so very important to go to college and especially right out of high school. It will make life so much easier. play a very large part in getting jobs. If you have a degree or are going to school many employers will pay more for your knowledge and you wont be stuck at a job that you have zero interest in. Just go to school. Don’t question it.