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It is the unhappy experience of the writer of a column such as this to suffer the embarrassment of a lack of riches, so few are the books devoted to Jewish theology in the Jewish world today. In a number of recent collections of essays, however, there are to be found pieces either dealing directly with theological topics or having, at least, theological implications. Some of these can here be noted.

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The imbalance in Jewish thought today between scholarship and theological thinking is particularly acute. There are not lacking in Jewry scholars of distinction whose contributions to our knowledge of the Jewish past need fear no comparison with those of the giants. But the thinkers prepared to use the insights which scholarship provides for the religious life of Jewry can be counted on one hand. The old gibe has it that while the Professor of Semitics knows what kind of trousers Abaye wore, the rabbi of the old school knows what Abaye said. Whether there is any truth in this is questionable, but it is certain that nowadays we have many who can tell us in detail both the historical conditions of Abaye’s time and what Abaye said. The theological question is what Abaye is saying, what is his relevance, and that of the other great teachers of the past, to the religious predicament of modern Jewry. This kind of question is treated seriously by one of the most outstanding practitioners of contemporary Jewish scholarship, Professor G. Scholem, in his Hebrew essay: “Some Thoughts on Jüdische Wissenschaft.” This essay first appeared in Luah Ha-Aretz, 1945, and has recently been reprinted in the important anthology Perakim Be-Yahadut (ed. Jacob J. Petuchowski and Ezra Spicehandler, Jerusalem, no date, but evidently 1964).

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