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Onemethod to cheat on a college essay thatstudents use is to manipulate the settings of the essay such asmargins and font to make the essay seem longer. This is academicdishonesty because you are trying to trick the professor intothinking your essay is longer than it really is. The real length ofthe paper is the length it would be without the followingmanipulations. The trick is to not be too obvious with themanipulations. Here is what can be done:

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Humans tend to make mistakes one of which is dealing with "old stuff" as some joke "It's what lofts, sheds and garages are for". The backups from the old DB will nolonger get updated on the "backup cycle" but almost certainly will get kept... There is thus a very real danger that as they approach EOL they will get downgraded from secure storage to "in a box somewhere" storage and even chucked out for "re-cycling" or some such. At which point it might like those second hand HDs security researchers like to publicise "get found" by some one who then uses it for some illicit purpose.

[1] The first being "Why are we still using the XXX things?" (Where XXX can be replaced with your favourit "frustration expression" ;-)

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In short, if making your passwords longer is easier than more complex, that would probably give you similar security. I just generate random passwords using alpha + numeric excluding similar characters. When a web site requires upper, I just raise the last letter. When a web site requires a special I just raise the last number.

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