One poet in particular, who virtually mastered this technique, was Elizabeth Bishop.

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Elizabeth's letters to her doctor, a brilliant woman then in her seventies, describethe despair of the fall of 1975. Elizabeth was sure that she had lost the last person onearth who loved her. The letters agonize over her prospect of a lonely old age, crowdedwith fans and students and hangers-on but empty of love. Out of this despair, apparently,came the villanelle "One Art." But my reading of the poem still wants to make itBishop's elegy for her whole life, despite its obvious origins. Elizabeth apologized toher friends for the poem, saying "I'm afraid it's a sort of tear-jerker"(December 1975, PU)—she was clearly somewhat uncomfortable with even this carefulapproach to the confessional. It is well known that her friends remained for a long timeprotective of her personal reputation and unwilling to have her grouped among lesbianpoets or even among the other great poets of her generation—Robert Lowell, Roethke,and John Berryman—as they self-destructed before their readers' eyes. Elizabethherself taught them this reticence by keeping her private life very private indeed and byinvesting what confession there was in her poems deeply in objects and places, thusdeflecting biographical inquiry. In the development of this poem, discretion is a poeticmethod and a part of a process of self-understanding, the seeing of a pattern in one's ownlife.

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Using specific references to the text, show how verse form and language contribute to the reader's understanding of these attitudes and to the meaning of the poem as a whole.

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In the poem "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop, the speaker is someone who has obviously had a great deal of experience with loss.

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With exceptions as noted, all Elizabeth Bishop manuscripts quoted in this essay areamong her papers at the Vassar College Library and are reproduced exactly as she leftthem. The collection holds seventeen drafts of "One Art," which Vassar hasnumbered.

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