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There are patron saints-those with a sort of specialized divinity-of bakers and bellmakers, orphans and pawnbrokers, soldiers and snake bites, soldiers and writers.

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One must learn how and when not to bend.It is this, the balance between selflessness and selfishness, that is so difficult, but also, I would like to believe, worthwhile.These days, as I try to walk that sacred line, Jane Smiley has become something of a patron saint.

Michael is mentioned three times in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament), all in the Book of Daniel

The labor-market participation rate for women 25 to 44 years of age - the average child bearing years - rose from less than 20% to more than 75% between 1900 and 1999 (Velasquez, 1.) Author Andrea Lunsford writes about the simple concept of “comparable worth” saying that concept of workers with “comparable skills, education and experience be paid equal amounts” should be a fairly simple policy to institute....

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