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A national student survey conducted in recent months by Negative Population Growth (NPG) in classrooms throughout America has revealed a worrisome complacence about critical population and environmental issues that will impact the future of many young people. The survey results were compiled from a questionnaire distributed by hundreds of 9th-12th grade teachers in classrooms across the nation.[…]

I believe that it is the behavior of the people and not the population growth itself that affects the environment....

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This children's newsletter includes articles, fun facts, games and "tales from the people planet" to show kids the links between population growth and our environment.

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It was only after years of research into the ecology of agriculture in China that I reached the point where my observations forced me to see beyond my biologists’s blinders. Unable to explain how populations grew for millenniums while increasing the productivity of the same land, I discovered the agricultural economist Ester Boserup, the antidote to the demographer and economist Thomas Malthus and his theory that population growth tends to outrun the food supply. Her theories of population growth as a driver of land productivity explained the data I was gathering in ways that Malthus could never do. While remaining an ecologist, I became a fellow traveler with those who directly study long-term human-environment relationships — archaeologists, geographers, environmental historians and agricultural economists.

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