in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.

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The public functions in the township are extremely numerous, and minutely divided, as we shall see further on; but the larger portion of the business of administration is vested in the hands of a small number of individuals, called the selectmen.

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For the third year, this Dark Mountain-inspired event returns to Wiston Lodge. Expect a weekend of writers, thinkers, performers and others, offering discussions, talks and music around the fire. An intimate festival of ideas, poetry, music, and performance, exploring the connections between the arts, ecology and cultural resilience.

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We consider this point, as we have intimated in a former passage, to be fundamental; and to constitute, in reality, the test whether a people be ripe for the sound exercise of the power of complete control over their governors, or not. The parallel holds exactly between the legislator and the physician. The people themselves, whether of the high or the low classes, are, or might be, sufficiently qualified to judge, by the evidence which might be brought before them, of the merits of different physicians, whether for the body politic or natural; but it is utterly impossible that they should be competent judges of different modes of treatment. They can tell that they are ill; and that is as much as can rationally be expected from them. Intellects specially educated for the task are necessary to discover and apply the remedy.

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The founding of South Australia benefited from the zealous efforts of the National Colonization Society and other groups which received Mill’s blessing. See Douglas Pike, (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1957), and Donald Winch, (Cambridge, Mass. Harvard University Press, 1965), especially Chapter Mill extolled the plans for establishing South Australia in 20 July, 1834, 453-4.

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“Coleridge,” X (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1969), 135-6, 504-8 (henceforth cited as X): and VIII (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1973), 923 (henceforth cited as VII or VIII as appropriate).

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XII, 211. See also XVI, 1431-2. For an account of the abilities and weaknesses of this exceptional man, see S. F. Finer. (London: Methuen, 1952).

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P. 467. In the year after publishing Mill wrote to Henry S. Chapman that Australian democracy, as described by Chapman, confirmed his fears about false democracy ( XV, 764-5). See also R. S. Neale, “John Stuart Mill on Australia: A Note,” XIII (April, 1968), 242-4.

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Though was written and published before the latter is here discussed first, because it provides a fuller treatment of the views of Mill just outlined.