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I am Currently an Endorsed Enrolled nurse doing my bachelor of nursing to becoming an registered nurse. So while I m on placement I am a student. I have been nursing for over 20 yrs. Please describe being a current nurse to being a student and taking instructions from registered nurses. How I had to remove my current status as an endorsed enrolled nurse to become a student and the difficulties I had to face and daily challenges as a student being watched when I do medications and procedures on patients. Registered nurses hold more responsibilities how that will impact on me when I become a registered nurse and more rewarding.
this is the information i wanted to add so the writer understands it better when writting the reflection

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submit three reflective pieces written in the style of blogs. The blogs are to reflect on your professional growth during clinical placements over the course of your degree and also focus on your soon to be transition from student nurse to professional nurse in practice. As this is a reflective piece it is to be written in the first person. Gibbs Reflective Cycle will be provided as a template to write the reflective piece. You may use any other reflective model of your choosing. Academic writing standards apply; correct spelling and grammar are essential however references are not. Expected word count approximately 500 words per blog.
The blogs will be saved as one document and then uploaded to Mahara. In Mahara you will create a folder and submit the folder using a secret URL.
For ease of marking please do not use blogging websites for this assessment.
You may wish to post your blogs to the designated discussion forum when it opens in Week 7 to promote peer feedback, review and collegial discussion around key concepts.

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