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Conan, you taught us the riddle of steel, and for that we thank you.

However, there are certain instances where a problem has not been medicalized, or recognized as a medical problem, and their issue will be dismissed completely....

"Fandom at a Crossroads: Jonathon Bacon and the Legacy of Robert E. Howard" by Lee Breakiron

It is mind bending how the main stories are so alike.

WEINBERG, ROBERT: for donating several old, one-of-a-kind checks from the 1930s — given by the pulps to Dr. Howard for Robert E. Howard stories — to Project Pride and the Robert E. Howard Museum. Also for his generosity and many other donations while Guest of Honor at the 2004 Howard Days festival.

BURKE, RUSTY: “Travels with Robert E. Howard” (from The Robert E. Howard Companion)

Wash returns to the ship. Simon and River are gone, probably snatched by hillfolk. Mal orders the ship to take off. They need to find help for Book. Inara suggest they go to the Alliance. Against his better judgment, Mal agrees. They rendezvous with an Alliance cruiser and allow themselves to be boarded. The Alliance isn’t going to help until Book gets them to scan his ID card. Then they rush him to their sickbay.

LOUINET, PATRICE“Hyborian Genesis Part II” (from The Complete Conan of Cimmeria, Volume 2)

Howard's Complete Conan of Cimmeria: Volume Three (1935) (2009)

REH refers to the Afghan knife in his untitled poem (“Now bright, now red, the sabers sped among the racing horde”). As stated in the article “Robert E. Howard: The Sword Collector and His Poetry,” those who are fans of Howard’s El Borak will recognize his comrade-in-arms, Yar Ali Khan.

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One being after the death of Christ where an evangelical movement of Christ's disciples, friends and brothers preached on how Jesus Christ was the Messiah and the Son of God....

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(First Paragraph) With all the moaning and groaning we constantly hear about the way schools educate our children, we often lose sight of an important and startling fact: intelligence, as measured by so-called intelligence quotients, or IQs, has been increasing over the past 30 years, and the increases are larg--about 20 points of IQ per generation for tests of fluid intelligence such as the Raven Progressive Matrices, which require flexible thinking with relatively abstract and novel kinds of problems.

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. Quoting from the article:

Billionaire and business tycoon Howard Hughes has dined for the day.

Most intriguing is the work of researchers like Howard Gardner, David Perkins, Robert Sternberg, and others who are looking beyond conventional definitions of intelligence. Their work has profound implications schools and training programs , curriculum development and assessment, and even design of learning environments.

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I’ve often said Conan the Barbarian, which I like, could have been a fantastic movie if Arnold had the acting chops then that he had today (not great, but vastly improved). Here’s hoping The Legend of Conan has as good a script and vision as the original so we get a chance to find out.