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First define acriteria in accordance to which you will assess yourself. Thecriteria will depend on the purpose of your selfassessment,if you are writing it for your employer you can encompass all yourorganizational achievements and the accolades you have earned, alsomention the setbacks you suffered along the way. However if you arewriting it to assess your performance in pursuit of a goal, then youhave to judge yourself by the benchmarks set in the goal objective.

Conducting periodic self-assessment is a healthy activity as I evaluate my current state and where I want to be.

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Other assessments require self-reporting while other assessments require students to perform specific tasks to be assessed with a scoring criterion.

This self-assessment will focus on the improvements I have made, points I have found interesting and the goals I have set to continue to improve my writing and communication skills....

Consequently, (White, 2009) reveals that self-assessment requires an individual to evaluate him or herself....

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The main purpose ofselfassessmentis to help you in achieving your goals and appreciating how far youhave come along the way. It is a major tool which aids yourself-improvement as your hidden attributes are revealed in thisprocess. You dig deep into the core aspects of your life that defineyour identity and affect your performance. Only by being aware ofthese aspects can you work upon them.

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