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You are to read a science fiction novel or short story or view a science fiction movie. The purpose of this assignment is to examine how technology is portrayed to the public through fiction/film. Is it presented by the author as a good, evil or neutral force in society? It is presented as being under human control or evolving on its own? The technology discussed does not have to be imaginary or futuristic - the book could have been written a century ago about technology that now exists. In that case, it would be interesting to discuss how the view of the author matches with what actually happened with the technology.

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and T.E. Dikty are widely credited with creating the first such anthology, The Best Science Fiction Stories: 1949. But our current appetite for Best of the Year volumes can be traced back to Donald A. Wollheim and Terry Carr, two of the most important editors our field has ever seen. Starting in 1965 and running until Wollheim’s death in 1990, together and separately Wollheim and Carr produced over 50 Best of the Year volumes, and in the process they shaped the direction of short fiction in the genre for generations to come. Their books were of such high quality that they were must-reads for all serious fans of science fiction and fantasy. Year after year the Carr and Wollheim anthologies were absolutely indispensable, and if you enjoy the rich assortment of modern Best of the Year editions, you can trace our modern enthusiasm for the format directly back to these two men.

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Meg Murry, in short, was a departure from the typical “girls’ book” protagonist — as wonderful as many of those varied characters are. Meg was a heroine of science fiction.

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