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: Map of California Indian reservations with background information on each group.

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While there are some tribes who entered into treaties with the white settlers to purchase land, most of the displacement was forceful (Rolle and Verge 131). With time, as the settlers spread everywhere in the country, the Indians found themselves limited in terms of where they could go. The only other repose the Indians had was to engage in armed resistance. Those Indians who resisted were able to achieve success largely through the leadership of some influential Indians. These Indians in leadership positions had the charisma that was necessary to bring the people together to fight for a joint cause. The aim of this paper is to examine the efforts taken by the southern California Indians in advocating for their rights.

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By itself, such a memorial is not strange, but when I visited the memorial next to the Santa Monica Pier on Independence Day, it took on a strange aura. Tourists and vacationers packed the pier, buying fast food, playing skee ball, and taking photos with cardboard-cutouts of celebrities. Families enjoyed swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Skinny Southern California girls in bikinis lined the beach. The activity surrounded the beach cemetery, swallowing it, and the juxtaposition between the cemetery and its surroundings was striking.

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For more information about the history of the dance groups, the reception and significance of dance for Polish immigrants to Southern California, and the discussion ofan opinion survey conducted in 1999 among Polish-American community members in the Los Angeles area please request a copy of Dr.

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Earthquakes are serious phenomena that come from the seismic waves on the earth’s crust. California has not experienced a major earthquake in the past century; however, the Daily Mailonline article by Regina Graham reports of a 4.2- magnitude earthquake, which rattled Southern California, causing some damages (Graham 1). According to this article, the earthquake struck at 5.54am PST in Fontana, moving across Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties (Graham 1). Information from the United States Geological Survey notes that the earthquake’s epicenter was traced about 50 kilometers away in Los Angeles (Coen 321). According to the official reports from the authorities, the first temblor was followed by two aftershocks.

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This article notes that several people had been woken up by the quake, prompting San Bernardino County firefighters to ready their tools in order to assess and respond to the situation. According to Chris Prater, the firefighter spokesperson, Southern California was “very fortunate” that morning because the damage was minimal. The reports from residents indicated that the earthquake only caused superficial damages to some of the structures. This explains the words of the spokesperson of being dishonest since no fatalities were reported by the incident.

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So it turns out that southern California has its own Pinnacles natural area in the Mojave desert just a few hours northeast of Los Angeles. I’d…

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I am a semi-professional sailor from Chicago. Currently, I am 20 years old and attending the University of Southern California as a Political Science major. I h...