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During years that we have grant money, we are able to distribute one or both of these books by Barry to our participants so that they can learn to thoughtshot and dig for potatoes too. When we give those books out at inservice classes, we require our participants to propose new mentor text-inspired revision lessons that incorporate one or more of Barry's unique revision techniques. For our 2010 workshop, we did have money to give all members of the class, and we have 20 more copies of Reviser's Toolbox to distribute for our 2011 Revision Workshop. Below you will find work done by our class participants during our 2010 session. We plan to post much more after the 2011 run of our revision workshop. Check back with us soon.

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Provides students an opportunity to apply the concepts and develop the skill sets taught in HRI 119. Includes application of skill sets for understanding, reviewing, revising, scaling, and preparing existing recipes and the creation of new recipes with a focus on healthy cooking techniques, alternative products, and critical thinking.

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For revision to be authentic, students must first believe that their writing can be improved, and second, they must have a variety of tools to choose from when revising. Most importantly, students must also want to improve the writing, which means they have to care about what they're writing; book reports, constructed responses, hamburger paragraphs, and formulaic essays often create competent writing but not writing our students care very much about. Our 16-hour teacher workshop on revision explores assignments that not only help students care about the words they put down on paper but also enjoy the act of re-envisioning ideas to take a different form.

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