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In Harper Lee's, To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is illustrated as a valued individual in the community of Maycomb, a man that legitimately believes that justice prevail, and also that is portrayed as a hero for all....

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The Equal Justice Initiative report documents the fates of nearly 4,000 African-American lynching victims, restoring names and stories to individuals whose humanity has often been obscured. Like some individuals documented in the report, the fictional Tom Robinson survives a lynching attempt after being accused of raping a white woman. Yet readers know relatively little about Tom, and in the excerpt we’ve selected here, he speaks only four words. One of the criticisms that has been leveled against “To Kill a Mockingbird” is that Harper Lee does not give his character sufficient depth. Readers are left with little sense of Tom’s life and experience, or of the devastating consequences the injustices he suffers must have for his family.

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2. The Equal Justice Initiative report documents 326 lynchings in Alabama between 1877 and 1950. How does the broader history of lynching help you to better understand the events in Chapter 15 of “To Kill a Mockingbird”? How does the history provide a new perspective on the choices faced by Atticus, Scout, Mr. Cunningham or other characters?

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Although the themes, setting and characters of “Mockingbird” could be paired with any number of pieces from The Times’s vast archive, our guest writer, Laura Tavares from, has chosen a recent article that situates the novel in its historical context and also raises important questions about race, justice and memory in our society today.