Ronnie begins to sneeze violently.

The essential ingredient in a complex sentence is the subordinate conjunction:

Sneezing violently opening the door.

There are so many mistakes in this sentence. Linking words are not your only problem – you make frequent grammar and vocabulary mistakes as well. If you continue to write in a style that is above your level of English, your score will be a lot lower than band 7.

We looked on top of the refrigerator,  Jenny will often hide a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

Adding another F persevering at the exam.

Dear Liz
Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful post, does this rule applies to the General writing as well? Thanks for your valuable advice.

, she was only adding another F beside her name in Dr. Armour's grade book.

Sat vocabulary words college, or university academician n A member of an academy of The theory that places man's chief good in the completeness of.

Complex sentences follow two common patterns:

Examples of compound sentences include the following:

We were taught about using ” this essay will discuss both sides and give an opinion on this matter”. I just found that its not good to use as a thesis statement. Can you pls give me an example of how to present this kind of thesis statement in my own original way. Thanks a lot for your help Liz.

Examples of dependent clauses include the following:

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Should you begin a sentence with "because"?

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Description: Two items linked by characteristics or attributes.

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There is nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with "because."

Dear Liz, I see that ‘controversial’ should be avoided in IELTS essay,can I write’…remains a issue that people have mixed feelings about’ . I’ll be so happy to receive your reply and it will help me a lot!

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2. But I think, this is requiring us to present the problem as ; ” why older people should be forced out to compete with younger people ” ,not the caused problem by competing with each other.
Thus, I think the problem should be as follows.
1. Getting longer the averaged life expectancy .
So, making older people living , they have been forced to do so…

Joseph Conrad "Youth: A Narrative" (1902)

You are over thinking this. Be more simple in your approach. There are two questions to answer:
1. What problems are created when old people compete with young people for job? One example problem is – unemployment rates will rise
2. What solutions can you suggest to tackle the competition between old and young seeking jobs? One possible solution – a job share scheme so that young people can work along side older people who have more experience.
Make sure you are answering the question directly. Don’t change the question. This is not a cause/solution essay. It is not about the reasons why old and young people are competing – it is about the problems that happen when old and young compete.